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Finally a web company that can help you get clients. Websites and online strategies to get your coaching business quickly on its way to meeting your goals.

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Whether you’re a life coach, business coach, marketing coach, or health coach you need a website that not only fits your brand and image, but one that gets you clients.  Showcase your offerings and lets tell a story about why are unique.  With our web design for coaches, you’ll not only get a website built to your unique style, it will be optimized to start out on the right foot with Google!

But the BEST part, is that all our websites are built with marketing in mind.    We’ll help you stand out and convert those visitors into clients.  We’re here to get your website into the money making, client getting, awesomest part of your business.

Is Your Website Generating Leads?


We understand that awful feast or famine sales cycle all too well and know you want to get off that hamster wheel fast!  So we tracked down the answer to the questions every entrepreneur asks…

How can my business become successful at generating clients?

We found the answer and we’re happy to share it with you.  The secret to creating a end to the never ending get-me-off-this-hamster wheel is just a 3 step approach.

Lead Generating Design

No longer is putting a less than professional website out there and crossing your fingers good enough to have loads of people pour in.  That just doesn’t happen.

Today, you need a professional looking website that is optimized for conversions…  Designed to draw people in and funnel them through your website, nurturing them all the way through the buying process.

Getting Quality Traffic

Once you have a kick-ass website, now it’s time to market it.  We’ll help you get people finding you, engaging with you and give you the opportunity to tell them why you can help them.

Client Nurturing

They found you… they seem to like you… but they’re not ready to commit just yet.   Not every website visitor is going to be ready to buy.  We’ll help you create a nurturing campaign so you can keep in touch with them.  You’ll build a rapport, get to know them, let them get to know you and when they are ready, you’ll be the name that comes to mind first.

  •  Increase Your Leads

  • Market Your Business

  • Increase Appointments

  • Boost Your Revenue

  • Maximize Your ROI

  • Grow Your Business

Let's Get Started
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Nicole C.
Jacksonville, FL

It has been a great experience working with Gina at BCP Design.  When I first came to Gina our website had been coded by a local marketing firm and was a complete “hack-job”.  With her knowledge and skills she has taken our website from only partially working to 100% and beyond.  I have appreciated all her help and she will have my business for any and all future web projects.  Thanks Gina!

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