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How to Magically Improve Your Conversion Rate Without Annoying the $#!T Out of Everyone

popup marketingYou get a popup and you get a popup and you get a popup… everyone gets a popup!  (Sounds a little Oprah-esque doesn’t it?)  Why on earth are you seeing all these popups lately?   And why are some of them SO annoying?   Well they’re annoying because the designer or marketer isn’t using them properly, but you’re seeing them because they work.

If you’re the one responsible for getting traffic to your website, then you know how hard you work to get those potential customers there.  Are you going to just let them just pop in, wave and leave?  No, you want to build a rapport with them…  turn them into a lead or customer.  Conversion rates can increase anywhere up to 2300%  (we actually know the site where this happened!) when a popup is used.


What Do Users Really Think About Popup Ads?

If you actually remember that you are designing your website primarily for humans, and not robotic search engines, your user’s experience should be your first focus area when considering ads of any kind.  So how do users really feel about ads?

  • 68% of users would want to block a site from their search results because it contained too many ads (source)

  • 4.9% of all internet users ( a number which has increased 69% over the previous 12 months ) use ad blockers (source)

  • Most users don’t even see pop-ups anymore. All major web browsers have built-in pop-up blockers.

So popups are ads and ads are bad, right?  Nope.

popup marketing

The Magic of Pop-ups

Here’s where things get interesting. Despite users complaining about ads all over the place, when popups are implemented appropriately, they can actually be incredibly effective.  (Remember that 2300% boost?  Yea, that effective!)  But I don’t mean pop-up advertising as it was used in the Wild West Internet of 2002, I mean lightbox-style pop-ups that you implement selectively on your own website.  **cue the angelic music **

Here are the facts:

  • Copyblogger found that implementing a pop-up strategy immediately boosted email list opt-ins. (source)

  • Pop-ups in general have decent click through rates – higher than other kinds of ads. (source)

  • Pop-ups helped Entrepreneur.com increase subscriptions 86% and sales 162%. (source)  Not bad, huh?

KlientBoost shares the good kind of popups you can use in this gif-o-graphic below.

website conversion tactics


Parting Advice

So while you’re chuckling at the cuteness of the gif-o-graphic, why don’t you take a little time, create yourself a light-box pop-up and try it out.  As long as you’re not obnoxious with it, your customers won’t mind, and neither will your bottom line.  And hey, if you beat that 2300% increase in leads or customers, we want to know!!   We’ll toot your horn all over the place!

And if you say “Hey!  I like this lightbox pop-up idea, but I don’t know how, don’t have any time and/or it’s just to geeky for me” give us a call at 904-710-3203 or write to us and we’ll be happy to help you out.   We’re always striving to break that increase percentage record!


popup marketing

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Gina is a pretty nifty web designer who started out in this world as a software programmer. She works mostly with small and medium sized businesses who need a superhero to help turn trainwreck projects around. She enjoys reading, learning new web design tricks, Star Wars and playing tennis (badly).

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