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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a quick route to getting leads and increasing your website traffic.  And who doesn’t love a quick win?!?  PPC lets you jump to the head of the line on Google and Bing. With the right budget and strategy, you can get immediate visibility for even the most competitive and lucrative keywords.

Pay-per-click marketing offers a great compliment to your existing SEO strategies and helps you to develop your overall internet marketing strategy plan.

Let us develop a kick-ass PPC strategy for your business (or overhaul your existing pay-per-click campaign). Maybe you need month-to-month management, or a new set of eyes on a campaign.  Let us get your business the leads and traffic you need.  We can help!

PPC Management Services

Successful PPC requires high levels of knowledge and expertise. Our paid-search specialists are familiar with every nuance of Google AdWords and Bing Ads and can help you maximize your ROI.   Most businesses have the best results by combining various online advertising methods.  Talk to us about setting up your national and/or local strategies to meet your unique needs and set you up on the right PPC course for you.

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Google AdWords

What would it mean for your business to get instant traffic?  More sales leads?  More online revenue?  Isn’t that why you invest with PPC to begin with?  Get a strategic PPC campaign to boost your click-through rates, boost your conversions and bring down the price you spend for each.  We can accomplish this while complementing your existing SEO strategies.

Facebook Ads

facebook ad managementFacebook is BIG. As the largest social network in the world, it has more than 1.23 billion active users – 62% who log in on a daily basis. With such a large user base, ignoring Facebook really isn’t an option for most businesses. You can bet your ideal market is using Facebook nearly every day. The question is: how do you target all of those users with your marketing?


ppc remarketingThey’ve visited your site, so you know they’re interested.  Maybe they weren’t quite ready to purchase, but keep your business in their radar!  Get complete retargeting services, including campaign development and management. Spend your ad dollars on the users most likely to convert!

PPC Campaign Audits

marketing auditEven if you’re not looking to switch PPC providers, or let go of managing the accounts yourself – a PPC audit is for those simply looking for ways to improve and hone their efforts.  We will scour through account and give you the very same advice as if your account was our very own.

What's Included in Professional PPC Management Services?

  • Keyword Discovery and Selection

  • Ad Text Creation

  • Ad Submission

  • Past Campaign Analysis

  • Google Analytics Analysis

  • Content Placement Research

  • Full Keyword Research

  • Website Change Recommendations

  • Monitoring and Tweaking of Campaign

  • Help with Optimizing Landing Pages

  • Conversion Tracking

  • PPC Cost Management

  • Landing Page Development and Improvements

  • Monthly Success Report

PPC Management Process

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